As we’ve stated elsewhere, we won’t try to hide this fact: Cipher Brain is (for now) a very small company, a one-person company. But we have specialized friends, partners and relations, to help us if a project needs it.

This small size means that we are very flexible, attentive to details, that we really care for our customers.


Languages used (roughly by order of proficiency):

  • Java, and its rich libraries, open APIs, multiple implementations, communication capabilities, strong typing, is able to assure the base infrastructure of the most demanding, reliable projects.
  • Perl, ideal for fast scripting, processing textual data, accessing all sort of formats due to its libraries.
  • Php is a fast spreading, cheap solution for simple web applications.
  • XML, XSL,… are not languages, but represent a usefull, and standardized way to store information (XML), and transform it (XSL)

We have used in past projects the next languages. However, because lack of recent usage, we can’t claim to be experts in those anymore, although we can still handle them.

  • C & C++ are usefull when the easiness and powerfullness of Java must be traded for the speed and API access which is easily obtainable only through those languages.
  • Tcl/Tk can be usefull for creating small scripts and rapid GUI development
  • bash, sh,… are usefull for small scripts, essentially of Unix-like OSes.

Cipher Brain had experience in the next kind of software:

  • Web site realisation for e-business
  • Factory-driving JIT application
  • EAI software auditing
  • Numerical analysis programmation in C & C++, with data mining in Perl
  • communication between various softwares (eg: Java archiving software - PHP front web; databse backed ERP - Java front web; credit card processing API - PHP front web; Ajax with PHP backend, Ajax with Java backend,…)
  • Processing of textual data, to extract keywords, classify them, archive them, and search (full-text, indexed fields,…) through them.


Cipher Brain people have experience in teaching since many years, and actually enjoy it.
We believe in knowledge sharing, we believe that by understanding what we do and propose, our customers will be more able to judge how good our work is.