You’ll find here a list of the services that we can provide:

We provide training in our core skills, to help you develop your projects. Once a project made, we also train your people to use the tools developed, as well, if you wish, to grasp the internal working of those tools. This should allow you to have inside your company the knowledge upon which you depend. A point not to be missed ! The list of formations on standard products is listed here.
Problem identification
Something is not going properly in your company, but you have problems pointing to it precisely ? An external eye might be able to spot it better. That’s what we propose you as a first optional step in our relation.
After discussing with you of your objectives, specifying together your needs, we propose a coherent architecture, and explain to you its strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities for future developments and extensions that it offer, as well as the threads against its realisation (SWOT analysis).
If you’ve developed a plan for a solution, or had it developed by some external company, but would like to have an external opinion on it, we may audit the proposed solution for you. We might provide you from small improvement proposals to strong advice about potential problems.
Once you’ve a good architecture, and confidence in it, we can implement it for you, if it enters in our skills.
Imagine that your system is implemented, and that you’d like to add some new functionalities. Is it better to start a new project ? To add to what you already have ? What’s the state of the system ? Do you still have the internal knowledge to maintain it? To extend it ? We’ll check and search that for you.