Most serious projects cross different field of expertise, and can be quite complex because of that. Although we know from experience than reducing complexity at its minimum is a keypoint to have a maintainable solution, some level of complexity might be unavoidable.

When this arises, the knowledge needed to accomplish the proposed project might not lie fully inside our company. The proper ressources might also lack. Would it be the case, we can call some partners of the appropriate speciality, and integrate them in a team. We have potential partners for ERP relations, web site design, database access,… New partnerships can also be made if and when needed.

If we enter a field yet unknown to us, our value of trust implies that we’ll be honest with the customer, and find a solution which we can both agree on: use a partner, an external ressource, or study on our own our missing knowledge, if feasible.

Whatever the situation is, we’ll keep honest with you, our customer: if we don’t know how to do it, we’ll be clear on that. If we’ve never done it before, we’ll tell you, as well as the confidence that we have in doing it.