Code valid in both PHP and SSI

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In a project that I’m working on, web pages are generated, and sent by FTP to a remote server. Some of those pages are simple HTML pages, others SHTML (i.e.: use server side include, or SSI, to include some blocks of information), and some others are PHP pages.

I’ve been in a case where a given block of code would have to be used both by SHTML and by PHP page. I can generated any code that I’d like, but the same code must be used for the PHP and SHTML blocks. In addition, it would be nice if this block, when seen directly as HTML (no PHP neither SSI parsing), would display correctly.

CSS post-processing in PHP

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While implementing the layout of this site in PHP, I found the tutorial on A List Apart, and wished to implement it here. However, I wanted to be able to change the column widths without having to recalculate manually the different dimensions.

XMLRPC and Lyceum

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Lyceum is a blog farm written in PHP and based on Word Press. I’ve had to interat with it from Java. I won’t copy here the workarounds needed to Lyceum to be usable through XML RPC, since I’ve already added some at the Lyceum Wiki page. Thanks to the other contributors of that page, they helped me a lot.