Exporting X authorization to another user

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On my machine, I have a special user account for when I want to make tests. Sometimes, I’d like to run a command under this account while I’m working in my X desktop, without switching desktop.

Please note that this article is not oriented toward people unfamiliar with Unix.

Setup of Toshiba 6100 Pro for GNU/Linux

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Cipher Brain has bought a Toshiba 6100 Pro to load it primarily with GNU/Linux. Please find here a few tips about setting it up.

Update: after having had a horrible experience with Toshiba Support, spread on more than two monthes, numerous phone calls, faxes and letter (concerning another notebook), and a lot of hardware problems with this notebook (including two power supply faillures in one month, broken display, defective hard-disk and keyboards problem), I’ve given up with Toshiba. I’ll let this information here, in the hope that it will be of any use to somebody.

Personally, I can’t recommend anymore usage of Toshiba notebook computers.