Encoding problems between Perl and MySql V4.0

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MySQL v4.0 doesn’t handle encoding very well. Basically, its considering everything you send it as simple binary data. At least, it doesn’t corrupt it, but no conversion is made. I had to interact, from Perl, with a database which was populated by PHP (v4 also), and which had ISO-8859-1 data in it.

The power of the Perl ‘map’ function

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I’ve spent a few years writing Perl without ever looking carefully at the map function, but since I’ve discovered it, I use it often. I propose here some sample usage that I’ve found usefull. I’ll also show how to use the grep function, which is quite similar in usage.

New web site

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The previous iteration of this web site was made through custom code, because no code was found that offered the functionalities that we searched. But since now, blog softwares like WordPress have evolved to the point of being able to be used as a CMS, without loosing the possibility to customize some pages.

We hope that you’ll find the information that your search.

Exporting X authorization to another user

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On my machine, I have a special user account for when I want to make tests. Sometimes, I’d like to run a command under this account while I’m working in my X desktop, without switching desktop.

Please note that this article is not oriented toward people unfamiliar with Unix.

CSS post-processing in PHP

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While implementing the layout of this site in PHP, I found the tutorial on A List Apart, and wished to implement it here. However, I wanted to be able to change the column widths without having to recalculate manually the different dimensions.

XMLRPC and Lyceum

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Lyceum is a blog farm written in PHP and based on Word Press. I’ve had to interat with it from Java. I won’t copy here the workarounds needed to Lyceum to be usable through XML RPC, since I’ve already added some at the Lyceum Wiki page. Thanks to the other contributors of that page, they helped me a lot.