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Cipher Brain is an IT consulting company, with a broad range of services, mostly related to information processing, with some emphasis on internet.

On this site, you’ll find

  • practical information about the company (address,…)
  • what we can do for you
  • what we believe in, how we work

In addition, in the Techniblog section, you’ll find some technical advices. We’ll try to post there some solutions to precise problems as we find them, when we deem them to be of interrest for the web community.
This techniblog is oriented to small solutions solving small technical problems: you won’t have here the big picture of a project…

Recent technical posts

Canvas & QR-Code

Filed under: Main, Javascript Tips — vincent — 2010-05-13 @ 23:57

Playing with Google Charts and jQuery

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List PIDs of child processes

Filed under: Perl tips, Technical — vincent — 2008-12-03 @ 18:31


Recent news

2015-11-26 Changement d’adresse!

Filed under: Main, News — vincent @ 11:38

2006-09-09 New web site

Filed under: News — vincent @ 22:41